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Kevin Bock is the president of Integrity Estate Advisors and Veterans Benefit Advisors. Integrity Estate Advisors is an advanced estate planning firm that also specializes in helping veterans and their spouses obtain the financial assistance to which they are entitled and deserve.

Kevin Bock is president of Integrity Estate Advisors and Veterans Benefit Advisors. Kevin has been helping people with their financial issues since 1989. Integrity Estate Advisors is an advanced Estate Planning firm that now helps Veterans, their spouses, and their widow(er)s with the daunting task of obtaining the financial assistance to which they deserve, are entitled to, and have qualified for! There is NEVER a charge to help a veterans with the application process.

Kevin speaks at many Personal Care Homes, associations, and senior centers. He has built relationships with many companies and people that work in the senior care industry. In 2009, Kevin was asked to help a veteran apply for benefits; then another, and with positive results! Word then got out to the community.

Kevin began to get swamped with telephone calls asking to help Veterans. Thus, in September of 2009, Veterans Benefit Advisors was created. Now, a couple years later, we have become a highly referred advocate for Veterans. We've helped hundreds of Veterans receive millions of dollars of annual benefits for Aid and Attendance, which helps offset the high cost of care for the Veteran, spouse, and widow(er).

When needed, we align ourselves with legal counsel appropriate with each client's need. Many are VA accredited, but all have experience in Elder law issues along with Medicaid and Long Term Care issues.

We have found that many times, legal documents need updated and corrected with up to date language. Without certain language (not present in many POA's), the desired outcomes may not be able to be achieved. The agent (attorney in fact) may have their hands tied and not be able to carry desired tasks out in a timely manner if at all.

If you are a veteran or spouse of a veteran and you need assistance in your home, or are living in or considering moving into an assisted living facility, memory care facility, skilled facility, or continuing care retirement community, please contact us to see if you might qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Special Benefit or the Veterans Housebound Special Benefit.

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